We believe in Malleability of Man.

Our Ambition is to guide individuals and teams towards further Horizons that fit both who they are and where they can and want to go.

We stand for delivering Visible Results.

Our core values are Authority, Return on Expectations and Credibility.


Malleability not so much from a bioethical point of view, but rather in terms of further growth. The majority of people needs to develop further. That resides in our genes, since it increases our chances of survival. But this development requires insight, not only into the circumstances, but also into the others and especially into yourself. As an external expert, we can improve your insight.

Coachinghouse believes that:

  • We deal with customers who have their own characteristics, their own will, as well as their own personality, their own identity, their own character
  • The acceptance of your own identity and personality is a prerequisite for a balanced development
  • You are blessed with valuable talents and you want to use them to the fullest
  • Integrity and authenticity make the difference when it comes to confidence
  • You deserve the best expertise to keep on optimizing your own well-being, happiness and success