We believe in Malleability of Man.

Our Ambition is to guide individuals and teams towards further Horizons that fit both who they are and where they can and want to go.

We stand for delivering Visible Results.

Our core values are Authority, Return on Expectations and Credibility.


Our 3 core values, that lay the foundations of our mindset and work, are Authority, Return on Expectations and Credibility:

We are an Authority in our field because we:

  1. are pioneers on the market (January 2000)
  2. have 5000 hours of individual and 3000 hours of team coaching experience
  3. are certified in accordance with DISC, Covey, Lencioni, Marshall Goldsmith, etc.
  4. have a C-level experience
  5. have academic partnerships

The Return on Expectations that you can expect is a growth path which enables you to get in contact with your own strength and, by doing so, with yourself and your Team. You (re)discover new possibilities in terms of: personal balance (mind-heart-soul), leadership (the Leader in you), people management (how do you inspire your Team?), economic business growth (through alignment in mission-vision-values), measurable results (through more personal effectiveness, confidence and focus originating from your own strength)

Our Credibility stems from our reliable approach: we are a small and pleasant Team of certified coaches who have already been active in the business for 20 years and have built an international track record. We do so in an authentic way, with heart and soul, with a profound and at the same time also sustainable and action-oriented commitment.