We believe in Malleability of Man.

Our Ambition is to guide individuals and teams towards further Horizons that fit both who they are and where they can and want to go.

We stand for delivering Visible Results.

Our core values are Authority, Return on Expectations and Credibility.


We are responsive to a partially unknown life journey and give space to your own inclusiveness: this means your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, sensations, etc.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our profession and all conversations between us as a coach and you as a coachee are strictly confidential.

Visible Results

This approach leads to visible results, such as personal and organizational effectiveness, balance and purpose, etc.

As a coach, rather than transferring knowledge and experience, we focus on making you aware of mechanisms that either facilitate or obstruct success.

An important part of coaching is eliminating the inhibitions and not really stepping on the gas.

As a coachee, you don’t just go back home with the pieces of advice given by the coach, but with your own possible solutions to start working with.