Assesments, questionnaires, reporting and feedback

(Dys)Functions of a Team - Team Assessment

B02 - Team Emotional Intelligence - Team Assessment

C03 - Coaching Skills Inventory - Individual Assessment

D04 - Career Values

E05 - Level of Cooperation in the Team

F06 - Change Style Assessment

G07 - Employee Engagement Inventory

H08 - Conflict handling Stylet

I09 - Are You a Trusted Leader?

J10 - Workplace Leadership Assessment

K11 - High Performance Climate: Team Quick Scan

L12 - Behavioural Characteristics

M13 - Get to know your Personality Type

N14 - Assess your Organizational Culture

O15 - Understanding Your Preferred Role in a Team

O15 - Understanding Your Preferred Role in a Team

P16 - Determine what Personality Type you may be

Q20 - Ideal Team Culture

R21 - Personal Effectiveness - Questionnaire

S22 - Culture Scan Coaching Leadership

T23 - Stages of awareness of Organizations and Teams

U25 - 360° Leadership Feedback

V26 - 7 Habits Profile

W27 - Development Toolbox - resilient Leadership 2021

X28 - Analyse and plot your Level of Resilience