Coaching Leadership

Coaching Leadership is the trend in Leadership towards 2020 and beyond.

Our certified coaches - with a rich track record on C-level in multinational corporations and a solid academic background - are pioneers of this expertise in Europe. How do we work?

  1. Leaders are the key
    A behavioural change amongst employees requires that leaders in the organisation consistently set a good example. Only then do you break the old patterns and achieve sustainable behavioural change.
    Employees are only willing to adjust their behaviour if they trust their leaders. That’s why it is up to you, as a coaching leader, to show the desired behaviour, consciously encourage it and consistently correct any undesirable behaviour.
  2. The Goal
    Coaching Leadership is a crucial process for leaders when it comes to delegating tasks and responsibilities, developing and motivating employees. The ultimate goal is to enable employees to execute tasks in a mature way. Thanks to this leadership style, you’ll manage to get the best out of your employees, not by executing the task yourself and/or simplifying it, but by giving them the opportunity to reflect and come up with a solution themselves. It makes them stronger and accountable for their own behaviour, their success and their possible failure.
  3. For whom?
    Coaching Leadership is aimed at...