Personal Effectiveness

Have you already noticed that possible bottlenecks with others are often related to your own style of negotiating and communicating? Do you easily let your opinion go, or are you very persistent? Are you a good listener or do you listen quite selectively? Do you take the initiative or are you more the cautious type? Can you delegate, but maybe not really let go? We use amongst others the ‘'7 Habits for highly effective People©’ (S. Covey) as a step towards personal effectiveness.

  1. What is it?
    Personal effectiveness is made up of 2 words: personal (it's about yourself) and effectiveness (goal-oriented).Personal Effectiveness is about finding the optimal way to spend the time available at work and in your private life. It means that you do the things that you are good at and the things that give you energy. That’s why Personal Effectiveness is different for each person and is influenced by, amongst others, stress, relationships, cooperation, assertiveness, time management and your preferred communication style.
    The ‘7 Habits’ of Covey are actually 7 logical and consistent habits that an effective person learns to become more effective, in other words, to achieve better results than before.
  2. For whom?
    Working harder is usually not the solution to become more effective (more goal-oriented)..
    Those who want to evolve in their job from ‘suffering’ to ‘leading’ feel at ease (for example, managing your own agenda)..
  • How do you keep a grip on your future, even if it goes differently than expected?
  • Which mindset does help you get through tough periods?
  • Why do you (only) achieve the results that you achieve?

The target group is at the same time wide and yet specific: if you ask yourself questions about the results achieved, whether you are aware or not of the fact that there is more to gain out of this, then you will get a very short payback of efforts and investment out of this coaching programme.

  1. In practice
    We set up a personalised programme together with you...