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The years 2020 and beyond are characterised by the following tendencies in the field of personal Development:

Technology has an undeniable influence on how we learn and develop in the future. It all starts because people go to work differently. Technology changes the role of time and distance, creating work-related communities. These communities are the ones that demand a new professionalism, that require a different behaviour, focused on the individual in relation to cooperation and exchange of knowledge. Knowledge that is also much more diverse and offered in more and more shapes. This requires a new balance between learning in the workplace, learning in the safe training environment and virtual learning. A few other trends that we include in our Development Programme:

  • Gamification: We increasingly see work as a game to learn behaviour. This represents the motivation to permanent learning, which is becoming more and more of a given at work. The trend started with 'serious gaming', meaning digital games with a learning objective.
  • Learning in the community: Learning in a community represents a breakthrough, partly due to the highly improved internet connections. Regardless of time and place, people start professional partnerships, which increasingly leads to co-creation.
  • Learning in diversity: We let go of the idea that a certain learning method is the best. So much content is available online, including numerous learning methods. Everyone can choose the learning method that suits best.
  • Learning with images: Under the influence of visual media (e.g. YouTube), an image society develops, that new generations grow up with. The need to learn with the use of images also increases enormously, which leads to new forms of image learning. For example, large tablets of 80 x 50 cm, where groups can work together, already exist.
  • Individual-Team-Organisation: there is a large (chrono)logical consistency in learning skills and methodologies on an individual, team and organisational level. First things first... to achieve the maximum impact, we recommend starting at Individual level with strengths and talents, then align with the desired goals in terms of Team dynamics and flexibility, to finally grow as a (coaching) Leader and deliver a unique contribution to your Organisation.


Taking into account the tendencies mentioned above, for the realisation of a personal Development Programme, we are looking for answers to the following questions that you ask yourself in the 3 consistent focus areas of Development: